Tai chi Classes | Meditation | Yoga | North Shore, Auckland

Body & Brain for healing yoga, meditation & tai chi.

Body & Brain started on the North Shore of Auckland, where we teach an innovative form of healing exercise that combines yoga, tai chi, and meditation. We have grown across the North Island to offer classes in Kerikeri, Paihia, and Whangarei. Our experienced instructors have a passion for helping you use your body’s energy to become healthier and happier.

We offer small, focused exercise classes to our clients. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age, size, or level of fitness and flexibility.

Our holistic approach to changing the energy in your body

Traditionally, yoga, meditation and tai chi have been used individually to strengthen, shape, and heal. Combining these energy-based exercises has given our instructors a powerful tool to help people improve their overall health and well-being.

Body & Brain has created the perfect combination of movement, stretching, vibrational healing, and mediation. There is class for everyone and our members vary in age, flexibility, fitness, and body shape. Our instructors will work your individual needs and abilities to encourage continued improvement in your flexibility, strength, and health.

Body & Brain yoga, tai chi and meditation was developed by Ilchi Lee in the 1980s, based on an ancient Korean form of brain training. Ilchi Lee is recognized worldwide as an innovator in brain development and has partnered with the United Nations and numerous universities around the world to further the academic study of brain development.

Over the last 35 years, Body & Brain Yoga, Tai Chi & Meditation has grown to include over 600 studios in 11 countries, with well over 40,000 practitioners. We hope to welcome you to one of our New Zealand studios soon.