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Energy for life with meditation, yoga & tai chi

Body and Brain is a yoga, tai chi and meditation studio that offers energy-for-life exercise classes to a large client base that can see the enormous benefits of energy and heart-centred healing. Our yoga, tai chi and meditation master instructors teach our distinctive Eastern form of healing and wellness, which integrates yoga, tai-chi, and meditation in classes in New Zealand. Our exercise classes are designed around the self-healing that all the organs in our body, in particular our brain and gut, are capable of.

Many of our small, focused classes are based on vibrational healing and the belly button method of healing, both of which were developed by New York Times best-selling author Ilchi Lee. Master Lee is an expert in meditation and healing and has founded learning and healing centres around the world.

Combining traditional and modern meditation, yoga & tai chi techniques

Many of our clients were initially sceptical of our belly-button healing techniques are first, but soon came to realise why this method is so effective at restoring energy and brain function, as well as boosting your mood and general wellbeing.

At Body & Brain we refer to the gut as our ‘second brain’ due to the large number of nerves and neurons that link to our actual brain. 80% of our immune system, 90% of our serotonin (the happiness hormone), and 50% of our dopamine (the joy hormone), is located in the gut, so it is understandable that a sluggish or blocked gut can have a substantial impact on all areas of our life.

In East Asian Medicine, major energy lines, or meridians, run through the abdomen, so when you stimulate your belly button, energetic blockages are released.

The unique combined yoga, tai-chi and meditation classes offered at Body and Brain focus not only on exercising our arms and legs but also on stimulating all our internal organs which in turn leads to a calmer, more peaceful and happier you.