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Tai-Chi, Meditation & Yoga Classes

Body & Brain teaches an innovative form of exercise. We combine yoga and stretching, and tai chi and self-healing exercises with dynamic-energy meditation in one class.

At Body & Brain we use a holistic approach to show you how to use your body’s energy to create health, happiness, and peace through our unique exercise classes and one-on-one healing sessions.

What Body & Brain classes will do for you

Good for Body

Improve your energy flow, flexibility, body posture and balance. Become stronger with better circulation & fitness.

Good for Healing

Meridian stretching for improving energy flow & intestinal health. Helps fight disease & pain, and reduces stress.

Good for Mind

Promote inner stillness, reduce stress and feel more relaxed. Increase creativity & think clearer, feel more confident.

Good for You

Take time for you to realign your body & its meridian flows, & release muscle tension with our one-on-one treatments.


One of our trained instructors will conduct a 1-on-1 private session to check your body’s current energy condition. Knowing your condition will help you better understand how to take care of yourself effectively. This is important because what you think and your body’s needs sometimes differ. You can get guidance to recover your natural healing senses in your body through an Introductory session.

Our Classes

An energy-for-life class for everyone

Meridian Opening

Deep stretching, twisting and joint rotations exercises to increase flexibility and strength, improve circulation and alignment. These exercises stimulate the body’s energy pathways called meridians.

Qi Gong (DahnMuDo, Taichi)

It uses breathing techniques, gentle and meditative moves to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy.

Detox Exercises

The gut is a very central point for your health and well being. This class is designed to specifically focus on healing that starts ar the core.

Dynamic Meditation

Learn to relax and shift focus away from busy thoughts through enhanced energy awareness. Dynamic Meditations promotes better sleep and offers stress relief.

Private Healing Lessons

We can work with you one on one to create a customised program that meets your individual needs and personal goals.

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