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Brain Education 5 Steps

About Brain Education

The practice of Body & Brain Class began initially as deep breathing and vibration exercises to activate the natural healing rhythms of the brain and body. As the years went by, the practice as it is today was developed, exercise by exercise, stretch by stretch, based on the experience and know-how of founder Ilchi Lee, and his more advanced students. In 2007, Ilchi Lee combined the accumulation of his prior 27 years of work into a comprehensive program with 5 steps: Brain Education Systems Training (“BEST” or “Brain Education”).

Step 1: Brain Sensitizing

(Regular Class and Home Exercises)

In this step, practitioners awaken their primary senses and develop awareness of the body-brain connection. Through this process, they acquire tools to regulate the stress response system. Stretching, energetic movement, and breath-training exercises improve cardiovascular circulation and fine-tune the balanced functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

Step 2: Brain Versatilizing

(Initial Awakening workshop)

At this stage, practitioners develop flexibility of body and mind. Through careful observation and self-discipline, can adjust their behaviour to create healthier, more productive habits. This step relies and builds upon the brain’s plasticity (changeability).

Step 3: Brain Refreshing

(Finding True Self workshop, Self-Healing Method Course)

Practitioners become acutely aware of the influence of stored emotions and preconceptions on the quality of their lives. Through learning to release the memories and ideas that are no longer useful, they are able to face any situation with a clear, fresh mind. Fully developed emotional control and awareness allows one to create emotions as a matter of choice.

Step 4: Brain Integrating

(Advanced Trainings, Brain Management Training (BMT))

This step integrates the different functional areas of the brain to release latent capabilities. It improves communication and cooperation between the brain’s right and left hemispheres, as well as between the cerebral cortex and subcortical structures.

Step 5: Brain Mastering

(Application to daily life)

By applying and re-applying the first four steps of Brain Education toward specific, concrete goals, practitioners develop the executive control of their brain, resulting in a process of continuous personal and quality-of-life improvement. They develop the power of choice and volition to become the conscious authors of their lives.